March Favorites {Fashion}

zara tee


At less than $8 a piece, I would recommend these to everyone! Basic black and white tee’s are essential. The cut is flattering and fitted. I had to get a medium, so I would suggest going a size up from what you normally wear. Today when I checked the website, these colors were on sale for $3.99. So hurry over to the website and grab yours before they’re gone!

nine west

Nine West Hayward Wedge Sandal, $64.95

I have never gotten so many compliments on a shoe in my life!! Especially on a “casual” low wedge.  When I took these puppies out on their first spin through Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, I was stopped every hour on the hour about these shoes. “Those are so cute! Where’d you get them?” They’re comfortable and come in a variety of color. I chose the grey and tan because they would go with more in my closet. Right now DWS Rewards members earn 2x the points, so go pick them up this month!


Posh Bejeweled Statement Necklace, $11.80

This necklace is GORGEOUS! I went back on my promise, broke down and purchased this from Forever 21 because they were having a 30% off sale. So technically I paid eight dollars and some change. I have a ton of things that match this and it does the perfect job of dressing up a simple outfit. Now this IS cheaply made, so I would suggest reinforcing the jewels with some type of super glue. Let’s just say that if you drop it, it will break. Good thing you didn’t spent too much, right?


Tiny Letter 18k Stud Earring, (varies)

Depending where you pick them up, (looks like there may be some on Etsy according to that pic above) the price on these can vary. I found mine at Dillard’s for $1.53 each. They were originally $10. However, they were 65% off the original price with an EXTRA 50% off the sale price! They came individually, so I had to purchase two to get a set. I wear my tiny letter J’s in my second holes in my ear and I haven’t taken them out since I put them in!

Cuffed jeans

Cropped Skinny and Boyfriend Jeans with a Cuff

I’m obsessed with this look! It’s really all I want to wear. I’ve been cuffing up all my pants lately. It feels chic and casual and can be worn with sneakers and heels alike. This is will be my thing all of 2014 and that’s okay because I’ve been told I have nice ankles, lol.

What have been your FASHION FAVES for the month of March?? Like and leave a comment below!

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    March 25, 2014 at 12:25 am (8 months ago)

    I love that necklace and gosh i didnot know cuffing ankles was back in fashion, but cant do it now, we are waiting for winters here so will have to wait to flaunt this trend..hehe


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